iPhone 5S will have faster speed cameras?

According to author Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac magazine, code 7 operating system iOS latest beta that Apple is designing a new camera for the iPhone mode named "Mogul". Mogul mode allows users to shoot video at a rate of 120 frames / sec, used to make the slow motion (slow motion) quality. This feature is already available on some competitor's iPhone, for example Samsung Galaxy S4 camera and some other sports. It is not clear the slow motion can be achieved much resolution.

Mark Gurman has tried to use this feature on the iPhone 5, but it does not work.

Apple could introduce Mogul features with iPhone 5S or not is still a big question, but the operating system iOS 7 is believed to be officially released with the new generation iPhone.

Duyen Pham

According to Cnet, SAI