Launched new internet domain names in 2013

ICANN CEO, Fadi Chehade he said "hundreds of new Internet domain names" will be available for businesses and individuals registered users at the end of 2013.

Earlier in mid-2013 will have a number of domain names ICANN for early registration, typically the domain name in Chinese and other languages ​​than English.

We will then turn to the English domain names and domain specific named brands and labels such as ". Cadillac", in such regions. "Vegas" and ". Quebec". There is also the domain shape. "Like" or. "Vacation".

Some domain names such as. "App". "Music" and ". Tech" wait time will be longer registered. Reason vs. corporations and big business have joined "bidding" to buy this domain.

Thus, ICANN is to coordinate expansions Internet domain name system since its largest global network was invented decades ago. In 2012, nearly 2,000 businesses and organizations have registered to bid more than 1,400 types of domain names.

In the context of popular domain name and easy to remember. "Com" have been exhausted, the expansion of ICANN domain name system is expected to bring more solutions and more diverse options for individuals, organizations and businesses business needs.

According to ICANN, the domain name owners regarding trademarks and brands need annual maintenance fee 150 USD to retain his title. The whole procedure and process is operated by IBM Corporation and Deloitte auditing firm, under the name of Trademark Clearinghouse.

In this regard, the trademark owner will be given priority registration of domain names using appropriate public sooner. If trademark owners do not or have not registered immediately, they will be notified when a Trademark Clearinghouse others that domain name registration.

When this happens, the Trademark Clearinghouse will still grant the right to use the domain name in question for "latecomer" fit. Conflicts arise between the two parties then do not settle within the Trademark Clearinghouse.

According to Tuoitre