The differences between the Nokia 1020 and the Nokia 925?

Nokia 1020 after many days of waiting, yesterday was officially launched in New York. In perhaps the favorite smartphone will have many considerations when choosing Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020 ...


1020 was dubbed Lumia smartphones super best camera in the world today, there 41mpx camera, Lumia 925 has 8 megapixel

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BE SURE TO READ Both are capable of recording full HD 1080p video, however Lumia better in 1020, by the quality of the image after the 1020 big zoom, crisp quality.


Lumia 1020 does not taper as the Lumia 925 , and add some swelling in the back (due to high-tech cameras).

The big difference in size is the Lumia 925 uses aluminum shell, 1020, the Lumia also use plastic as most of the Lumia line of devices.

The Lumia 925's of colors: gray, white, yellow,'s Lumia 1020 : black, white, yellow.


Both use a screen resolution of 768x1280. However, the quality of the Lumia screens better in 1020, with the bearing capacity, very good wear resistance, by using Corning Gorilla Glass toughened glass.

Memory storage

Nokia Lumia 925 has 16GB of internal memory, while the Lumia 32GBLoi recommend won twice in 1020 for you

If you want a camera with the best shooting mode on the world today, use the operating system, the Lumia Windows Phone 8 is the number 1 choice in 1020

However, if you want a compact, stylish, but still very good configuration, the Lumia 925 will be selected.

In addition to price, lower than Lumia Lumia 925 in 1020.

Hoang Nguyen (According to pocket-lint)

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