6 ways to help you quickly get to know the new OS

In the past when it comes to operating systems, we often think of the next Windows - OS PC Microsoft's popular. However, with the rapid development of the technology world, a series of operating system for mobile devices such as Android came out, iOS ... That's not to mention the variety of Linux distros such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint ... Then Windows itself has many versions such as Windows XP, Windows 7, 8. Besides Google's Chrome OS, OS X from Apple.

Faced with such diversity, how to find out about 1 OS quickly as possible in order to save precious time, that is the question many people ask. 6 method below is the answer to that question. Of course, you do not need to apply this method even 6 depending on your current condition, you only need 1 or 2 possible solution is already mature 1 new OS.

Experience in stores

In the era of electronic commerce, the purchase of equipment such as a laptop, phone or tablet without even having to touch them once the work is not difficult. All transactions can be done online and the item will be delivered to your door. However, experience can not be used to convey information through the network, and it is also the reason that the showroom is still alive and well, alive.

Showroom is one of the ideal destination for your comfort first experience the new OS. The computers and devices come with the product exhibits available. Besides learning about operating systems, software, the store is also home to help you learn about the hardware quality, processing quality of equipment as well. "Sight worth a thousand words", this practical experience will help you quickly become familiar with one product, whether it be hardware or software.

Read manuals

Normally when acquainted with one operating system, many people have one bad habit is to dig around to discover. However, this is a time consuming but highly effective by bringing you not read the manual. For example, if you jump right into Windows 8 using the installation will not help you understand all the hidden shortcuts and gesture of this operating system. Even with the well-known operating system is user-friendly and easy to learn, such as Apple, the effort to find out the features will not betray you when something wrong happens.


Guide to become familiar with the common operating system can easily be found online, or from the supplier. Your job is to read them before you start using any one operating system.

Using virtual machines

The advancement of virtualization technologies today to help any user with basic computer knowledge can always test a new operating system right on your computer without having to give a penny for hardware last. So to share resources with the operating system you are using to run the virtual machine software, the performance that we experienced in the virtual machine will decrease slightly compared with when it was installed on the hardware. However, virtual machine solution is the most convenient and fast for those who want to test the features of an operating system or a newer version but do not want to touch the operating system's stability themselves. When you have finished fiddling break, we just need to turn off the virtual machine window and continue using your current OS.

Most commonly used Linux distro like Ubuntu, Fedora can easily be installed into a virtual machine, especially when the majority of this distro is always free for download. Currently, trial solutions Chrome OS on a virtual machine has been introduced many places. On the Microsoft side, but many users tend to abuse crack on the company's products, but do not forget that Microsoft has always provided for the trial of their products, most recently the preview image of Windows 8.1 was published allowing users to download. Of course, no one will want to install the trial version with limited time on the computer is his true, then any solution is more efficient to use a virtual machine?

Running straight from the LiveCD - Only for Linux

Many Linux distros can be launched straight from the LiveCD or USB. Users can use this as a Live version of the operating system has been installed true. This is a very effective solution for testing systems experience Linux without touching anything to do with the OS being used. When the trial is complete, all we need to do is restart the machine and remove the LiveCD / USB Linux or simply adjust the boot device. Of course, if Mesmerized, you can always decide to install the product from Linux LiveCD environment.

The Microsoft does not recognize the convenience of this method, only the right users have the Windows 8 ..... Enterprise can use Microsoft products on USB.

Setting up an old computer test

There are older machines, even in the weak always have the advantage. I have to test each component as current staging machine breakdowns, where backup, NAS can take to .... And another benefit is the closest place to ... try new operating systems. Install the operating system on a virtual machine but has many convenient, but for those who want to test the performance and stability of the operating system on real hardware, with a certainly nothing older machines are available in house. If you take the trouble to find out the solution on a network, you will not even be limited to Windows, Linux or Chrome OS but also fiddling with the MAC OS X on the machine is not too old.

Users may find the experience to install a new operating system to dual-boot mode on the machine is not difficult to use. However, this requires some partitioning, working with bootloader.v .. v.. and, of course, is difficult to quickly take advantage of the former is always an available machine. Especially if you have just recently lookup installation operation, or do not want to abuse the new hard drive too much.

Using simulation solutions

Some companies offer solutions to help simulate the experience of using its operating system for users. But this is not the optimal solution because we did not actually using that operating system is just introduced their features through an intermediary environment - such as web environment. Options such as online tour of Ubuntu, in which the user can try to experience a user interface "similar" Ubuntu OS is also not a bad option for those who just want to look through the view operating system looks like and with what.

Official Website emulator that Microsoft created for Windows Phone 8 introduces some user interface components for Windows Phone, such as the Start screen and the block "tiles". Even with Windows 8, previously an unofficial site called http://onlinewindows8.koding.com (now shut) to provide users with a glimpse of the latest operating system This Microsoft.

In general, issues such as performance, stability would certainly be hard to objectively consider when using this method, because of the fact that no operating system is actually running at all. What we are mainly provided information about the interface, basic functions.


Actually there is nothing more convenient than finding a certain friend that owns a machine is running that you want to learn to borrow the experience. However, with the number of devices and operating systems large today, holding a number of alternatives to the test can not be said to be redundant. In your experience, is the way to test new operating systems are emerging almost every year a few times now?

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