Appears strange device in the event of Google

A little surprise that Google brought to the main event tonight is a device that supports video playback from smartphone, tablet, laptop to TV.

In his speech, Sundar Pichai said at present there are many people watching youtube on your computer, phones and even tablets. But almost no one likes to watch Youtube on the TV.

The reason is because of the huge equipment allows for Youtube HDTV via the type often very bad and very complex operation. So does anyone choose this method.

And Google has launched a solution based on its popular Chrome.


Just a small device with a USB plug on the name Chromecast HDTV via its HDMI port and adapted for connection to a home wireless network in just a boring TV to watch the news there could see a Youtube Video easy.

When connected to the network with a smartphone or laptop with the youtube app on the phone or yotube Chrome browser will add 1 button "Cast". This will have the effect to videos that you are watching on tiny smartphone to a TV located between the living room through the other compact devices.

If simply stream video from the smartphone to a HDTV is nothing to be said, this device will only Chromecast smartphone as a remote control (remote) to get the address of the video you are watching on youtube then automatically downloads the data from server youtube phone or computer also can youtube app go off to do other things.


Google also introduced in the conduct found some demo videos from your phone to youtube and the phone will act as a remote control to help users streamline video to see and increase or decrease the volume during video still running on the TV screen.

Google also said Chromecast technology is not new, but what is the improvement of the Nexus Q was about the size of death only.

The device will be sold for $ 35 (approximately 700 thousand USD). Currently the application of Chromecast SDK has also been released for the Google software developed creative arrangements. This is a step in Google's attempt to gain the segment notes are uncertain SmartTV with free operating system created by the hardware manufacturer.

According to Genk