Human Resources Management Solution

General Introduction

  • Client – server (n-1) model in Local Area Network (LAN)
  • SQL data stock can store an enormous amount of data
  • Falcon Software has constantly updated and applied highly technologically advanced applications of Microsoft, such as: WPF, WCF, SQL Server 2005-2008, etc.
  • Functional system of Human Resources Management Solution receives consultancy and support from Human Resources specialists and is capable of meeting different requirements of customers.
  • Human Resources Management Solution has been developed and applied for several customers, including:  -    Two units specializing in Human Resources field (calculating salary and bonus package applied for 20-600 employee scope); -    One big hospital in Ho Chi Minh City with a number of 400 employees including doctors and nurses.

Main Functions

  • Organizational structure
  • Staff list
  • Staff information management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Attendance – Overtime – Leave tracking
  • Salary sheet
  • Insurance fee and form submitting
  • Corporate income tax balancing
  • Initial data import (excel).

Human Resources Management Solution has its appearance similar to Office Outlook with nice-looking design of high utility and harmonious color. To the left is Function menu; to the right is main operation appearance. System of toolbar and status bar is suitably arranged. 

Only allowed users can log in the program. Admin sets the rules and authority for user’s access. Allowed users can not operate the solution beyond their accepted power.