Revenue Management Solution for Sports Club

This software system covers all professional functions of a Sports club thoroughly.

Sports Training

  • The software system provides functions utilized to manage training class and monitor attendees as well as registration. For instance: Karate club, Soccer, Badminton, Tennis, etc;
  • Supervising training fees;
  • Monitoring payment of bonus and commission for trainers and instructors.  

Revenue Management for Courses 

  • Smart course placement system to avoid over-lapping placements and to allow placement according to contracts;
  • Visual calendar for course management;
  • Establishing price sheet for hiring courses at different levels and scopes, in accordance with Day, Hour, etc; 
  • Course’s sales revenue management;
  • Discount and promotion management.

Revenue and Operation reporting system

  • Instructors’ commission report;
  • Class list sheet;
  • Attendee list sheet;
  • Activity income sheet;
  • Course excavation sheet;
  • Activity detailed sheet.