Warehouse Management Solution

General Introduction

      FSW.Warehouse is the most perfect warehouse management software that is cable of supporting the medium and large warehouse systems in which contain more than 50 people. 


       It is designed to solve the Warehouse‘s most trouble such as import, export, stocktaking, prevent loss, incorrect counting.


       Beside the Warehouse Management also includes professional Sales Management function that will provide great help in  increasing cost of efficiency.

  • Fast and accurate wayof importing and exporting.
  • Greatly prevent loss
  • Using 2-D model to localizematerial and good
  • Checking the expired date of goods.
  • Managing the Warehouse’s staff
  • Controling the order for goods
  • Periodly analyzing and reporting in order tobalance the ammount of stock and timely place an orders to refill the lack of stock.

The Features

  • Import and export
  • Stocktaking
  • Transporting goods
  • Applying the FIFO, LIFO, FEFO algorithm in checking goods
  • Reducing the loss due to expired
  • System automically calculates without relying in human’s action.
  • Managing warehouse by using 2-D model feature
  • Controling the services effeciency
  • Capable of connecting PDA devices

System Information

  • System information details: Company’s name, Trading name, VAT code, Addresses, Phone number, Fax, Email, Website, Bank account, Representative one.
  • Manage automatical code of production, customer, supporter, supplier, import-export order.
  • Decentralize user.
  • Managing people’s priorities.

The Catalogues

General Catalogue:

  • Measurement, size, color, group, method of counting, VAT, currency, product group, production, personal equipment.

Management Catalogue:

  • Warehouse’s information, group of supplier, group of customer, suppliers,
    customer, group of company, branch, rack/ lane/ shelf.

Warehouse Management Solution

  • Import and Export management
  • Inventory management
  • Transport management
  • Stocktaking and adjustment stock
  • Report and statistic
  • Connect and synchronize database with PDA devices.

Sales Management

  • Professional Sale Management: offeringmany new features of saling, boosting your business’s process to a new level of more effecient and economic
  • Managing the restored goods.
  • Managing profit and debt
  • Managing customer’s paying by installment
  • Managing V.I.P members
  • Managing promotion events
  • Printing V.A.T receipt.

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