Clinic Management Solution

General Introduction

       FSW.Clinic is a clinic management software solution. This system which‘s strongly developed is flexible and user-friendly.

       The goal of designs and developments is to meet demands, offers benefits clinics, reduces operating costs and brings the highest effect in management.

  • Clinic Management follows by the Ministry of Public Health ‘s GPP standard.
  • It is possible to meet for the system including 50 clinics in the same time, serve thousands of patients everyday.
  • Management of Normal Examination and Insurance Examination
  • The information is saved quickly, exactly and look for data easily.
  • There is a supporting function reminding patients to the second examination according to schedule by SMS.

The Features

  • Patients register and charge
  • Examination management
  • Illnesses’s history
  • Service Management
  • Clinical operation and examination
  • Medical Warehouse Management
  • Medical profiles
  • Medical accountant
  • Statistics and reports
  • Statistics of drug store
  • Statistics of charges
  • Administrator function

Medical CataloguesManagement

  • Catalogue of medicine – medical equipments – chemiscal
  • Catalogue of measurement
  • Catalogue of illnesses
  • Catalogue of specification
  • Catalogue ofproductors
  • Catalogue of suppliers
  • Catalogue of drug warehouse

Proficient of examination  (out-patient)

  • Proficient of receiving and saving patients ‘s profile
  • Proficient of treatment and medicine ‘s charge toward patients.
  • Proficient of  recording historical examination result of patients.
  • Including medical accounting function  supports the medicine import and export ‘s process of the clinic.
  • Registration for the normal examination and the insurance examination.

We are deloying this system for companies and customers as follows:

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