Hardware System and Network Solutions

With certified professional skills in network and software technology infrastructure, Phoenix Company is able to satisfy all the demands and requirements of customers from surveying, designing, developing to installing, programming and maintaining quality and operation for information technical infrastructure at any scope. 

Business Management System

  • Work Management System.
  • Storing, Sharing and Searching system for entrepreneurs.
  • Date Backup and Restoring system.
  • Projecting detailed network node to access system for getting data in/out of the system.
  • Other management systems: Accountant, Tax Report, Asset and Equipment, Report for failure, etc.

Information Technology Communication Gate for Entrepreneurs

  • Web Portal
  • Chat Portal
  • eMail Portal

Falcon’s Meeting – Conference System

  • Meeting and conference system using video-online application between 2 offices and among units.
  • Distant meeting – conference supporting system.

Supervising System

  • Human resources and security supervising system via camera.
  • Internet security supervising system.
  • Distant online attack preventing system.
  • User access control system.

Entrepreneur telecommunication communication system

  • Internal switchboard system.
  • Call - Center system. 

FSW has been responsible for controlling and managing mail, anti-virus and anti-spam system for 1500 users in businesses and branches nationwide.

Personal Computers & Other Equipments

Workstation from low to high level: desktop, laptop, or personal computers, etc with high speed, persistency, nice design suitable for different targets and high and standardized quality. 

  • Supplying all hard ware equipments, such as: PC Desktop, Laptop, Printer, Projector, Modem, Switch, etc.
  • Providing maintenance services for the whole server system and other workstation. 

Integrating several network protocol with advanced technology 

  • Wired and wireless LAN system (wireless) with optimized capacity, being safe and effective based on routing and switching technology, ensuring data, image, sound integrating ability in the same network infrastructure; 
  • WAN system with appropriate scope in accordance with telecommunication network infrastructure in Vietnam and all over the world with the following applications: VoIP, VPN, Unified Communication, etc on the foundation of leased line, Frame Relay, ISDN, MPLS, etc. Falcon Software ensures the capability of information exchange, security and cost-optimization for customers. We also build information services system such as, Active Directory, Email, Web, Intranet, database, applications, etc.

Services & Technical Support

  • Professional.
  • Training and transferring technology.
  • Meeting different levels of services.
  • Punctual.
  • Consulting feasible projects, designing network system and information system.