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    Sacombank ra mắt thẻ chăm sóc sức khỏe

    Đây là sản phẩm thẻ trả trước nội địa đồng thương hiệu Sacombank - Mêkông, được tích hợp các tính năng của thẻ ngân hàng và tiện ích của bệnh viện dựa trên nền tảng giải pháp công nghệ của FSW.

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Phoenix Company was officially established on 09 November 2009. We have been working and developing in order to satisfy the rising needs of large, medium and small entrepreneurs in Vietnam. 

We provide professional Information Technology solutions with qualified and experienced staff of 30 hard-working employees at customers’ demands. The customer satisfaction is our objective. We are enhancing the staff’s professionalism and soft skills to serve more and more Information and Technology projects in the market.

Phoenix Company constantly puts close consideration into the latest technology, leading applications inn the field of Information and Technology for the improvement of the whole staff as well as high-quality products and services.

Moreover, Phoenix Company provides services of consulting, designing analysis, software outsourcing, etc. These are all supplying human resources for foreign partners for the development of Information and Technology.

Phoenix Company has invested into the construction of the software foundation (Framework) called Falcon Enterprise System (FES). This system is aimed at saving designing and modifying time and minimizing cost price; yet it ensures the required quality at customers’ needs